India will make iPhone 14 from launch – Apple takes India seriously

In what is a major milestone in building a supply base outside of China for Apple devices, its imminent iPhone 14 will be shipped simultaneously from factories in China and India at launch. Up until now, iPhones, at the time of their launch, were mostly deployed at the factory of contract manufacturers in China.

This is the first time Apple has chosen to have iPhones come almost simultaneously from factories in China and India.

HBO Max and Discovery Plus will form a new super streamer by 2023

The newly created entertainment giant Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has outlined its bold plans to merge HBO Max and Discovery Plus into a single streaming service.

speaking in the last company earnings call (opens in new tab)WBD executive JB Perrette has announced ambitions to launch the as-yet-unnamed platform by 2023 in the US.

Xbox Game Pass family plan is real and will save you money

Microsoft has unveiled a new Xbox Game Pass tier that will allow families and groups to sign up at a deep discount.

An Xbox Game Pass family plan has been rumored for several months now, with Microsoft finally confirming the news in a test release. Xbox Insiders in Colombia and Ireland will be the first to try it. It allows up to five people to share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits as long as they live in the same country.

Sorry, the latest DCEU MCU-style reboot won’t work

During its Q2 2022 earnings report presentation, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) – the newly merged entertainment corporation – has revealed its plans to build a Marvel Cinematic Universe-style franchise for its own superhero film series. That being said, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), which is later expected to undergo a significant reboot.

Wait, Warner Bros. Haven’t you already tried that? Yes, with a lineup of films led by Zack Snyder before the studio shelved those plans in favor of a disconnected project approach and multiverse style. That plan was relatively successful, but now that Warner Bros. and Discovery have joined forces, it’s a model that’s being sidelined for an MCU-like franchise.

Expect even cheaper 4K TVs soon, thanks to a perfect storm for price drops

Over the past few months, we’ve covered behind-the-scenes news from the TV industry that screen prices have been consistently falling, which has the potential to mean big drops in TV prices later in the year. That’s because the TVs currently being produced from components that have dropped in price will be on shelves by the end of the year – ready for big sales events, including Black Friday. This means that discounts can be even bigger than usual.

We’ve already seen signs of this – the price war between LG and Samsung is heating up even faster than usual.

After the shocking cancellation of First Kill, the showrunner has hit Netflix

A few days after news broke that Netflix had canceled teen drama First Kill, the show’s showrunner has spoken out and has a few words for the streaming giant.

The teen drama, which premiered in the second week of June, was scrapped on Tuesday (August 2) when Netflix revealed there would be no second season of the show. This cancellation came on the back of some pretty scathing criticism, even though the Netflix series seemed to resonate with audiences.

What will be the best Lovelace GPU? Nvidia RTX 4080 Rumors Suggest It Will Be… the RTX 4070

Nvidia’s RTX 4080 graphics card might be a little less beefy than previously rumored, which quickly follows news that the RTX 4070 might be a livelier GPU than anticipated.

This new speculation from Lovelace again comes from Kopite7kimi, a regular hardware leaker on Twitter who’s been providing rumors at a fairly recent pace (although that’s to be expected as the RTX 4000 line approaches its release deadline, with an expected debut in October. or around , assuming there are no delays).

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New Overwatch 2 character won’t have a public test

Blizzard will no longer be holding public tests for Overwatch 2, leaving fans waiting until its October release to see the game’s new final hero.

Two Overwatch 2 beta tests ran earlier this year, allowing players to test out Overwatch 2’s new Push game mode and 5v5 review. But it will be a few more months before fans can return, with Overwatch vice president and commercial lead Jon Spector announcing the end of the beta schedule.

The supposed Google Pixel 7 design will fix one of my biggest Pixel 6 problems

A new rumor has it that an upcoming Google Pixel smartphone will be made with ceramic materials – and if that’s the case, it could help solve one of the worst things about my Pixel 6.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Google Pixel 6 – it’s a step up from my Google Pixel 3A in all the right ways – but it can get really hot, which is a particular issue given the hot weather we’re experiencing here at UK recently.

AMD and Nvidia GPU Holiday Launch Could Mean Big Savings for Gamers

There was talk today about AMD’s upcoming RDNA 3 GPU release happening just before Christmas, which would be great for a number of reasons.

According to Moore’s law is dead and reported by PCGamesNlooks like same as Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, AMD is gearing up to release at some point its next-gen Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards powered by RDNA 3 whether in November or December.