AMD breaks the 1GB L3 cache barrier with new EPYC processors

AMD has published an updated roadmap for its EPYC lineup server processors, extending to the end of 2024.

during a presentation (opens in new tab) for investors, the company revealed that its fourth generation EYPC chips are on track to launch in 2023. The lineup will also benefit from two new additions: Genoa-X, equipped with 3D V-Cache and optimized for technical computing workloads, and Siena, aimed at edge and telecommunications.

AMD has gone on to tease new EPYC chips based on its Zen 5 architecture, codenamed Turin, that promise a significantly greater generation-to-generation performance boost courtesy of a complete redesign. These fifth-generation chips are scheduled to hit the market within the next two years.

AMD’s new server processor roadmap, extending to 2024. (Image credit: AMD)

AMD EPYC Genoa-X and Siena

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