Best 85-inch TVs 2022: gigantic 4K and 8K TVs worth buying

Editor’s Note: October 2022

Despite hot competition from new releases, especially OLED TVs, the Samsung QN900B 8K TV remains our top pick – it’s extremely expensive, but it’s also offers just the most astounding picture quality at this size. The detail is really better than 4K (even with 4K content), and the brightness and HDR is stunning.

But we have a new value-led entry to this list: The Samsung BU8500. Available in Europe (US launch not confirmed yet), this is a huge screen with impressive 4K quality for a ridiculous price.

Matt Bolton, Senior Editor – TV & Audio

The best 85-inch TVs aren’t just about being big. Their size means they bring a serious home theater experience to your living room. You’ll need plenty of space and a substantial budget in order to buy one, but if you do then the pros will far outweigh the cons. 

With an 85-inch TV, you’re going to want a few key technologies on the TV to help make every pixel look its best. You’ll need advanced detail and motion processing because any imperfections will be very obvious, and you’ll want great HDR so that it images feel deep and vibrant.

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