Best blender 2022: blenders from KitchenAid, Ninja and more

The best blenders aren’t just for smoothies and summer cocktails. They can make your time in the kitchen so much simpler as well. If you don’t consider yourself much of a cook, these versatile, easy-to-use appliances that could mean the difference between getting a delicious meal to the table and ordering take-out yet again when friends come over.

You will find the best blenders come in different types. There are the standard ones with a large pitcher, smoothie blenders that are specifically designed to create single serve drinks,  and handheld immersion blenders ideal for those short on kitchen space. These immersion blenders let you use your pan to blend sauces and soups without adding yet another appliance to your kitchen counter. For more on the difference, take a look at our article on jug blenders vs. immersion blenders.

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