Best cheap video camera 2022: bargain picks for every kind of filmmaker

Editor’s note: August 2022

Nikon recently launched an affordable vlogging camera called the Z30 – and it sounds like Canon could soon be following suit. According to rumors, the camera giant is planning to launch a small camera for vloggers that’s based on the EOS M6 Mark II, only this time with its newer RF-mount.

The concept certainly makes sense, even if there are currently only two native RF-S lenses for its APS-C sensor cameras. Hopefully, the arrival of an affordable mirrorless video camera could also see Canon add to those lenses with some wide-angle options, which would make the EOS R100 (as it might be called) a tempting option for YouTubers or vloggers who can’t justify a full-frame camera.

If you’re looking for the best cheap video camera, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled an in-depth list of the top budget video cameras, including recommendations based on specific needs (while each of these video cameras is affordable, they’re all quite different). On the hunt for a lightweight and portable vlogging camera, a rugged all-weather camera for capturing your outdoor exploits or simply the best model when it comes to pure image quality? We’ve got you covered.

Our picks are based on hours of real-world tests from our seasoned expert reviewers. On balance, we think the Panasonic Lumix G9 is the best overall cheap video camera. While some might argue that this mirrorless camera is more focussed on still photography than it is on video, it can also record movies in a wide range of formats up to and including 4K at a smooth 60fps, comes with features that suit video like a built-in image stabilization and a highly adjustable vari-angle screen and boasts great build quality and handling – all while being available for a very reasonable price.

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