Get a 256GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus for just $799 today on Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus was already at the cheapest price ever on Amazon this week after dropping to $799. Today, that deal is now even better, as the retailer has an updated 256GB model for the same price (opens in new tab).

Yes, that’s a total savings of $250 – and you get an expanded storage version for the same price as the base 128GB variant. If you’re on the hunt for an Android flagship, know that this is easily the best deal so far on the middle child of the latest Galaxy S22 series.

Perhaps it’s this middle-child status that means the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is often overlooked compared to its siblings. It’s essentially an upgraded version of the standard Galaxy S22, with the same chip and camera, but at a higher price. Is the upcharge worth it? In our eyes – definitely, if you like a bigger screen.

Having a larger 6.6-inch screen versus the 6.1 on the standard S22 gives the Plus a real edge if you’re the type who’s constantly streaming on your device. It’s obviously a less palm-friendly device, but a super-fast Snapdragon processor, 120Hz refresh rate, and expanded battery life mean the Galaxy S22 Plus is out there with the best phones you can buy right now. Getting a 256GB model for this price is also an absolute bargain in our eyes, as you’ll have plenty of space to store high-res files, apps, and videos if you’re a keen mobile videographer.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Offer on Amazon

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