Get Halo Infinite for free with this great Xbox Series S deal

If you’re looking for the right time to buy a new console, then this excellent Xbox Series S deal might be the time to strike.

That’s because you can now buy an Xbox Series S bundle at Walmart that includes the console and a digital copy of Halo Infinite for only $299 (opens in new tab). Under normal circumstances, this is the price of the console itself. But here, you’re also getting one of the best Xbox Series X/S games at no extra cost.

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Today’s Best Xbox Series S Deal

Halo Infinite is an excellent first-person shooter with a fun, lengthy campaign and a robust multiplayer suite, but the star of this deal is the Xbox Series S console.

While not quite as powerful as its beefier brother the Xbox Series X, the Series S is much more affordable and still packs some fantastic specs. It can run games at 1440p resolution, supports 120Hz support on high refresh rate monitors and TVs, and includes an ultra-fast SSD that will load your games in seconds.

In addition, the Xbox Series S has an impressively compact form factor. Its relatively small size means it doesn’t take up much space, perfect if your space is limited for a gaming setup.

Perhaps the biggest downside of the Xbox Series S is the lack of a disc drive (you can only download and play games digitally or over the cloud as part of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service available in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). And the relatively small 500GB of storage is limiting.

If you are going to use the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, this storage will be consumed quickly without an officially supported external drive such as the Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card.

Still, if you’re after a new console at a relatively affordable price, this is an excellent package that we recommend taking advantage of while supplies last.

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