Ikea Launches Turntable Collaboration With Swedish House Mafia, And We Like It

Ikea is ready to join the vinyl renaissance. The flat furniture maker has just released a new turntable as part of a collaboration with electronic music stars Swedish House Mafia.

Unveiled at Milan Design Week 2022, the turntable is part of a new collection called OBEGRÄNSAD, which also includes a music production table and armchair, with all three products sharing a sleek black aesthetic.

There are few technical details so far available for the turntable, so it’s hard to say whether it will challenge the best turntables, but from the promotional photos released so far of the striking minimalistic box design, it seems far removed from the flimsy excuses for decks you’d like to see. tends to associate with a conventional retailer.

The neck of the Ikea OBEGRÄNSAD turntable looks promising (Image credit: Ikea)

While not mentioned in Ikea’s press release, attentive readers may have noticed the Audio-Technica logo on the pen, which suggests this deck might be a contender.

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