OLED prices drop as monitors drop below $200

There is anecdotal evidence that the average price of OLED displays is falling rapidly. Earlier this month the cheapest OLED TV, the LG OLED48A16LA, dropped below £500 in the UK for the first time and now you can buy an OLED portable monitor from Amazon for less than $200.

Chinese display maker InnoCN is selling a 13.3 inches (opens in new tab) K1F OLED Full HD external USB monitor for $182.49 (after a $30 discount, valid through midnight, June 20) with a higher 15.6 inches (opens in new tab) Model A1F retails for $199.49 (use coupon code TRADAROM at checkout, valid until midnight June 22). Please note that in both cases, delivery is free in the US, but you will have to pay shipping and deposit fees for imports into other territories. Sales tax may also apply depending on where you live.

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