Redmi Smart Band Pro has dropped to the lowest price ever

Redmi Smart Band Pro is now available for Rs. 1,999 on Amazon. It hasn’t dropped that far so far; the previous best price was Rs. 2,299.

Redmi Smart Band Pro is one of the best smart bands you can get in India right now. It has a big screen and all the sensors you need in a fitness tracker.

Redmi Smart Band Pro: Key Features and Specifications

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The Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with a large 1.47-inch AMOLED screen. It has a resolution of 283PPI and supports an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment. The screen also supports the always-on function. It also has support for various watch faces like smartwatches.

Coming to the fitness tracking features, it supports 110+ workout modes like cardio, weight training, yoga, trekking and more. Not only that, it automatically detects three modes. It tracks daily activity from calories burned, heart rate, workout durations and more.

Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with all the sensors and monitoring you want from a fitness tracker, such as heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, women’s health monitoring and more. Redmi promises a battery life of 14 days on a single charge, with 20 days in power saving mode.

If you want a budget fitness tracker, it’s a no-brainer.

Redmi Smart Band Pro

(Image credit: Redmi)

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, you might be tempted by the latest budget smartwatches, which have dropped in price recently. With these budget smartwatches, you can get all the features of the Redmi Smart Band Pro in one watch form. Some budget smartwatches even come with Bluetooth calling support at a lower price than the Redmi Smart Band Pro.

If you are still not tempted to buy a smartwatch and want a no-nonsense fitness tracker, the Redmi Smart Band Pro for Rs. 1999 will be great for you.

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