Time for an ExpressVPN Mac upgrade: Latest version compatible with M-series chips

ExpressVPN, our top-rated VPN, has released the latest version of its program for Mac. ExpressVPN for Mac is now designed to work natively on newer devices with M1 or M2 chips without first being translated by a third-party program. According to ExpressVPN, the app “works even more seamlessly on the newest model of Mac computer, allowing users to enjoy a performance boost with lower battery consumption.”

ExpressVPN for Mac uses a universal binary code, so even older Macs can use the program with no problem. Other key benefits of ExpressVPN for Mac include servers in 94 different countries, improved DNS leak protection, and split tunneling features. ExpressVPN is also available in 16 different languages.

What are Apple’s M1 and M2 chips?

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