What Makes the AirPods Pro 2’s Noise Canceling So Good? a billion transistors

Putting Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2, which Apple unveiled at its Far Out event on September 7, to my ears in the Steve Jobs Theater’s practical space, I was eager to experience what Apple promised would be noise-canceling. active 2x better experience. Even in that busy space, I was surprised by its effectiveness, which is mainly due to Apple’s new H2 chip.

Apple’s silicon, which some might argue started with the iPhone and its custom A-series chips, has spread across its entire range of devices to encompass Macs and tablets running its M-series processors – but the predecessor to the H2, which appeared on the original AirPods Pros in the form of an H1 chip, it actually predates the Apple Silicon concept (as much as the original A-series did).

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